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Support for the Journey


This is written by Trudy, who came and brought friends to the Enneagram Introduction:

I went to Conversations tonight and loved it!  Everytime I walk in that place, the people there are so...authentic, non-threatening, welcoming and warm.  I think Conversations is a place where Jesus would have hanged out in.  I'm thankful for the vision you all had to believe in a place like that.


And this is from Kelly another new friend who is hanging out at Conversations:

This morning what I realized was that Monday when I felt love from you and later shared that w you (I do hope that wasn't uncomfortable for you) , was that it was a beginning for me of actually experiencing GOD...just like Melanie was the instrument in the beginning for Jim Palmer to experience God in a new way, you have been that same container, pouring out God's love, acceptance, friendship, understanding, and wisdom to me! THANK YOU!!! I will be more open to seeing and feeling God throughout my day today in/thru whatever way I can and desire that this initial  beginning of awakening and awareness in me will help me  better see through ALL people, things and feelings to the reality of God behind, in, and through each person.
So thrilled for all of you at Conversations! Thank you for being there just as you are, open to sharing your God journey and welcoming me to do the same. Hugs!