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Welcome to our resource page featuring the Enneagram. Our goal for this page is to provide tools and information regarding the Enneagram, such as online tests, articles, audio and video links, and information as we collect these resources. So check back periodically as we will try to update this resource page frequently!

Intro to Enneagram

If you are not familiar with the Enneagram, it is an ancient "theory" of personality that goes beyond just labeling and identifying "quirks". The Enneagram is a system of study that identifies 9 core patterns of motivation for responding to life's struggles. Within each type there are nine levels of health. While it is tempting to stop at just identifying the type and possibly excusing behavior as "that's just my personality", the Enneagram takes you to a higher level of grace.  As we recognize that there are 9 different "views" of life we can let go of our expectations that others should respond as we do, and we all can become healthier in our responding to life as we understand our own motivations. The greatest gift of the Enneagram, though, is it's guidance in releasing our grip on our personality as our identity and "letting" our true essence, the Spark of The Divine, be who we truly are. We are all uniquely created to express our Creator in this life, but the pain of life can cause us to hide those qualities behind the armor we call personality.

If you would like to further discuss the Enneagram, feel free to contact us.

Enneagram Tests:

A great beginning when studying the Enneagram is to determine your type. Here are several online tests that have proved fairly accurate:  9 TypesQUESTEnneagram test (on this last one, choose Enneacards Enneagram Test: Instinctual Subtypes Test, it costs $15, but has proven to be quite insightful)

Enneagram Websites:

Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson's site is The Enneagram Institute

Helen Palmer and David Daniels' site is Enneagram Worldwide

Suzanne and Joe Stabile's site is Life In The Trinity Ministry

David and Katherine Fauvre's site Enneagram Explorations

Video Teaching on the Enneagram:

The Enneagram as a tool for spiritual discernment

Go Conscious interviews with each number