Over the years TBC Ministries has gradually been lead down a contemplative path and IS becoming a contemplative community. What is a “contemplative community” you may ask:

Contemplative: involving, allowing, or causing deep reflection, mindfulness and consciousness of God as Love and the Source of our very being; the practice of seeing God in everyone and everything.

Community: A diverse group of people who encourage and support one another’s spiritual journey and who desire to extend Christ’s love and generosity into the world.

As a contemplative community our mission is to . . .

© Be a safe and welcoming place for community and connection. We call this place, “Conversations.”

© Extend God’s generosity by freely offering classes, resources, small groups, soul care and spiritual direction.

© Provide support for deepening self-awareness, realizing that there is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of ones-self and know deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.

© Provide opportunities for authentic sharing and deep listening to one another’s inner journey while giving support and acceptance along the way.

© Practice radical hospitality by welcoming the wounded and broken places within ourselves and others, thus cultivating compassion and unconditional love.

© Practice mindfulness in all that we do, holding a heart of joy and gratitude.

© Consent to a lifetime of learning and transformation, being patient and forgiving of ourselves, know that Christ loves as we are and His grace is enough to complete the journey.

This is what we are becoming by God’s grace and generosity flowing through those who support and participate in this ministry. We are spiritual beings on a human journey and we invite you to join us!