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Be a part of a Christmas Miracle

Be a part of a Christmas Miracle!

We have a friend and her name is Jeri Hill. Jeri has participated in our TBC Community for a unnamedcouple of years. She is a single mom, recently divorced and starting her own business out of her home. She has twin boys, age 14 1/2 who answer to the names of Sam Weston and Jackson. The boys suffer from a disease called Pariventrucular Leukomalasia under the umbrella of Cerebral Palsey due to premature birth at barely 28 weeks gestation. They are non ambulatory quadriplegics who are the lights in their Moms life. All three of Jeri's children are adopted and have wonderful, scary nail biting stories of how they came to be and how they came into her life.

Needless to say, Jeri could use lots of help with the twins. The one that feels the most pressing and could make the biggest difference is their need for a mobility van to transport the boys. Jeri needs a extra large van that can hold two adult size wheelchairs. Jeri is a light weight, by that I mean petite, and the boys will soon out weigh her. She is going to need a van that they won't out grow and that is fully equipped. That said, the price tag for this kind of van seems totally out of Jeri's reach ($70K), but she is trusting God day to day for the strength, energy and resources to give the boys the things they need.

Would you pray about making this family a part of your Christmas giving? If God leads you to help Jeri, Sam Weston and Jackson, here are several things you can do:

1. Visit the GoFundMe page we've set up to make a financial donation. You can also send her a encouraging note. You can also subscribe to receive updates that we will be posting.
2. Share your decision with your friends and family on Facebook. Invite them to be a part of the miracle.
3. Forward this email with those who might desire to be a part of this family's miracle if they knew about it.
4. Pray for Jeri and her family as God's Spirit leads. Ask if there is some other way God would have you be involved in their lives.
5. Ask the Holy Spirit to touch hundreds of hearts and lead them to manifest God's generosity to this precious and deserving family!