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The monthly Image-Based Journaling group gives me the opportunity to reflect, create, write and share with women of like purpose. It’s a relaxing place with soft music, a time to collect my thoughts to create a journal page or two and to hear of other's faith journeys that are full of wisdom and love.  I am grateful for TBC Ministries where meaningful conversations are held and all are invited to partake! --Gayle Jones


I can see a relationship between my inner transformation and my experience of community at Deeper Connections.  The journey to wholeness is my own but without opportunity to be with friends in the process it would be incomplete.  There are no words that can express the fullness of the gratitude that is in my heart for this once a month event at Conversations.  New people come every month and that blesses us.  Pat and Cathy have a way of guiding us that is very relaxed and safe.  And because everything is done in such a compassionate and invitational way I learn a whole lot every time about myself and about loving others.  Thank you TBC for the provision of Deeper Connections. –Joni Menard


I've met so many beautiful and authentic souls through this ministry and it's truly impacted my life. What a joy to experience the body of Christ thriving in a community.  TBC's Spring Retreat was such an incredible experience. I had the wonderful gift of joining together with 15 of the most beautiful, loving, and caring souls. God's love radiated through each of you and I could feel His amazing love flood through the atmosphere! What a precious weekend full of so many blessings. Sweet memories were made that I will forever treasure. Thank you for touching my heart with love, I'm beyond grateful! Xoxox – Paige Mackey


My soul, like the dry earth was longing, yearning, burning, for the gentle rain of God’s Spirit, then I was beyond blessed to be a part of the Spring Retreat at St. Francis of the Woods with a very special group of ladies. It was a fully alive, shimmering, filled with spirit and laughter that I carry back into the world to be given freely away. God restored my soul! Thank you to everyone who made it what it was by your presence there, and to the TBC Ministries’ team for hearing and answering the call. I love you all. I was telling a friend about Conversations, trying to describe it and the people I've met there. The best I could do was, “It's what church is supposed to be.” – Rose Braun


Thank you Conversations for organizing and offering the Enneagram Conference. The loving, nurturing, healing and sacred space you created was sooooo LIFE GIVING!!! It's so beautiful to see hearts coming together to allow community to experience and receive LOVE! Your hard work and commitment to offering this space is so appreciated and priceless! - tasting the eternal NOW! –All you have to do is walk in the door at Conversations and you will feel loved, connected, and part of a beautiful community! Thanks for what you guys offer to everyone! – Stephanie Kirby

I was introduced to Conversations by my sister-in-law. The love and support I’ve received has been such a gift.  So many opportunities for personal growth are freely offered.  I am thankful for the many ways presented to examine and deepen my relationship with Christ. – Brenda Miller

I'm so honored to be a part of a group of folks who are walking this difficult life journey of self-discovery. The discovery doesn't always surface pleasant memories or awareness’s, but it is a discovery that leads to freedom! The Enneagram has been such a powerful tool to do that in my own life and in my family's life that I am forever changed and indebted to all those who participate on Enneagram Sundays and in my own journey daily! I'm so thankful to Conversations for hosting these adventures! –Alice Wellington


This past year has been challenging with losing my father to cancer and raising teenagers in a sex-saturated/social media-obsessed world. I’ve been an avid reader most of my life, but this year, my mind couldn’t relax to even get through a paragraph! So, I tried out Zentangle, brought my teenagers to a couple workshops at Conversations, and well…we all love it!  There’s something magical that happens…when you are “tangling” on paper, your mind can relax and all the worries begin to “untangle.” For my teens, they get lost in their creations instead of getting lost on Instagram.  Thank you TBC-Conversations for bringing this blessing to our lives! –Emily Fryer


I just want to tell you how much Creative Expressions- specifically Zentangle has blessed me. I have always believed that any kind of art or creativity was just not in my DNA. I felt I had absolutely NO talent in creativity AT ALL. But after being introduced to Zentangle at Conversations, I have been so excited to see a whole new world open to me. Because Zentangle involves patterns which are familiar to my logical brain, it seems to make a bridge from there to the creative side. Once that bridge was built, I gained access to more and more creativity. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for offering Creative Expressions!! --Jacque Wilson


The last two years I have been attending events at TBC and for the past year I’ve regularly been a part of a weekly Sacred Companions group. What I am drawn to is the atmosphere created by the focused intent to explore all manner of love as it defines our Creator and Father. I’ve experienced patient acceptance and gracious understanding in a fun, relation-ally healing environment.  I don’t know where else I would go to surround myself with a group that finds great strength and joy in building one another up. –Jana Journeay
I didn't know a soul in the Sacred Companions group I joined. But now we are connected in a deep, blessed ways. We help each other enter the holiest of places, but it is often by sharing the hidden parts of ourselves where our inner fear has blinded us. But being together has opened the WAY!! I'm so grateful! – Debbie Pitman