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News Letter 2015

Dear Friends,

Eight years ago, five women had a burning desire to live loved and to share God’s love with others. This eventually led them to start Transformed By Christ Ministries and Conversations. Little did they realize how this would transform their lives as Holy Spirit slowly directed them down a contemplative path, (years before they even knew what contemplative meant). Now, when folks ask, “What is TBC Ministries?” we tell them we are a growing contemplative community. What is a “contemplative community” you may ask?
Contemplative: Involving, allowing, or causing deep reflection, mindfulness, and consciousness of Divine Love, the Source of our very being and seeing God in all things
Community: A diverse group of people who come together for the specific purpose of supporting one another’s inner awareness of God’s love and presence, and the desire to reflect His love and generosity in the world
Contemplative Path:  Wholeheartedly pursuing an ever-deepening relationship with God while realizing that every contemplative experience is a gift freely given

Last January, God invited the Board of TBC to take a deeper step of faith by giving freely as we have received. This meant providing our classes, events, workshops or groups as a gift; at no cost and with no strings attached! Being a non-profit ministry does take money to keep the doors open and offer programs. However, instead of focusing on fund raising to secure the finances, we decided to trust God to inspire the donations, and only offer programs that we could afford. We were fully prepared to limit our offerings…but God had other plans in mind! To our delight and amazement, God has shown us what He can do through us when we let go of the reigns and rely on His supply. We are so grateful for the many new soul friends, new opportunities to connect and grow deep; and for all of you who generously supported this ministry. It’s amazing all that has transpired this year at TBC, but instead of us telling you, read the attached page of testimonials from some of our participants now!

* * * * * * *

Were you inspired by those testimonials? This is what we are celebrating: God’s grace, gratitude, and generosity flowing through those who support and participate in this ministry. We thank you, we honor you, and mostly celebrate with you as we share this good news! Don’t keep us a secret! If you know of someone that would be blessed by participating in this ministry as a participant, teacher, facilitator, donor, or volunteer, please invite them along.

May your holidays be filled with precious moments overflowing with love and generosity!

Upheld by Grace,
Renee Brunette
& TBC Board Members