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Sheila Ives, Christian Counselor

11539_1181511137332_7169058_nSheila Ives, Christian Counselor  Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Sheila Ives  provides Christian counseling and Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  She is trained in Scope Ministries counseling principles and is a state licensed minister, commissioned as a minister of counseling.  She has been blessed to have been able to use her gifting in this area for many years. In this life, the Lord has faithfully navigated her through more than her fair share of hard knocks.  Consequently, in addition to her extensive Bible knowledge and her psychology training she brings to the counseling experience, she also brings much personal experience and an unusual depth of spiritual wisdom and insight. She has considerable experience with communication issues, addictive/compulsive behaviors, divorce, depression, grief, marriage and parenting, identity and self-esteem.

Sheila also offers Theophostic Prayer Ministry.  Theophostic comes from two Greek words, theos=God, and phos=light.  So the origin of the coined term refers to God’s light shining into the darkness of our minds where they are clouded by lies we are unknowingly believing.  Theophostic Prayer Ministry is not counseling per se but rather a prayer ministry during which the facilitator of the ministry session asks the Lord through prayer to enable the ministry recipient to:

*Own and take responsibility for their emotional pain. (allow him/herself to feel the emotions)

*Let go of all defenses and other hindrances which keep one from moving toward God's purposes in the process.

*Discover and expose the lie-based causes of the emotional distress.

*Hold up everything to the Lord for His truth, release, and mind renewal.


Example of Theophostic Prayer Ministry

Roger works in an office for a boss who is quite particular. Roger, himself, is a perfectionist, however, any time the boss critiques Roger's work, even the slightest, Roger experiences an overwhelming rage inside that he struggles to control. What Roger came to understand through Theophostic is that his rage was stemming from an event he had experienced during childhood in which he was cruelly humiliated for his "poor performance" in a little league game. Roger was aware the event happened, but he had been completely unaware of the lie about himself that he had come to believe as a result of the incident.

During a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session he got in touch with the lie, "I can't perform the way I need to. I'll never have what it takes. I'm not enough." The truth he received from the Lord was tailored and presented to him in a way that was very personalized and resonated within him at a very deep level. This new truth from the Lord corrected the misperception he had believed about himself for decades. Roger knew this truth came from the Lord rather than being told to him by another human being. Therefore, it sank deep into his soul and was recognized by Roger as indisputable.

As a result, Roger now sees himself more clearly as God sees him. This new self-concept daily infuses Roger's world with a new and beautiful peace that he doesn't have to work at maintaining. An added bonus is that his relationship with his wife is greatly improved as well, since he no longer lives in a defensive mode, misinterpreting many of her statements as criticism.


Donation.  Sheila requires a donation for her services but the amount is left up to the individual and the Lord.

A typical counseling session lasts @ 1 to 1 ½ hours.  A Theophostic session can last as long as 2 or more hours but no additional donation is required.

For an appointment: call or text 405-205-0751 or go to www.freedomcounselingministries.com